Unfuck Your Habitat: a book review

July 24, 2018

I picked this book up from my local library after hearing the gorgeous MuchelleB mentioned the it in a couple of her recent videos. I'm glad it was a light read, amassing to only 222 pages but even then it sort of felt like there was a fair bit of padding and repetition to beef the book up to that amount. To be fair it isn't exactly the authors fault, because the methodology to 'unfucking your habitat' is quite simple. 

SPOILERS: The writer prescribes you to take 20/10s,  meaning 20 minute of productive cleaning, then 10 minutes of rest, then to continue doing these 20/10s until the job at hand is complete. Then as a maintenance dose, you should undertake at least one 20/10 a day, to ensure you space doesn't spiral out of control again.

The author did dive into some interesting topics on the counterproductive pursuit of perfectionism and discussed some tangible goals as well as comforting words for those who suffer from either physical or mental limitations that prevent them from being able to undertake huge stretches of cleaning or maintain their environment. There was also some useful checklists towards the back of the book on how to go about tackling different tasks and getting organised.

Overall, I wouldn't say I benefited immensely from this self help book, but if you do struggle with maintaining a clean space than I would probably direct you to reading more of the '20/10' blog following than pick up the book itself. In fact towards the second half of the book I sort of just skimmed the pages, only picking out information I found beneficial, because like I said a lot of concepts were self explanatory and repetitive. It did touch on a less is more approach to living, but I feel like for most people in 2018 that isn't a new concept and there are other resources I would recommend instead (MuchelleB, the Minimalist, Mari Kondo).

I don't really feel the need to go into much more detail than this because then I'd just be trying to beef out a blogpost which is my main criticism of this book (oh the irony). I do apologise for the negativity of this book review, but I don't want to do you a disservice and promote a book that probably isn't going to bring much new to the table. 

Do you have any other book suggestions? - I am open to any topics not just minimalism or personal finance! I am currently reading 'How to Stress Less' by Benjamin Bonetti. 

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