decluttering: social media edition

May 03, 2018

It's unbelievable how today we are so connected to everyone and anyone, anywhere in the world. Yet, I personally, have never felt less engaged. I've come to a point where I find myself not caring about a lot of the social media personalities I once spent literal hours of my weekends watching.  I scroll through my feed on Instagram, not feeling connected to 90% of the people and pictures I see.

I was recently listening to a podcast called The Kraig Adams Show, where Kraig put it pretty simply that he didn't want any followers who hadn't engaged in his content, as in like/commented/shared, in the last three months. This really got me thinking, I hadn't engaged with half of the people I have personally hand selected to follow.  On a more personal note to, I got an invitation to my five year high school reunion party this week, which is not only super alarming but also meant there are some people I have on my Facebook and Instagram that I literally have not communicated with for FIVE years.  I think its pretty clear where this is all going....

I did a very big purge across my three main platforms of social media and deleted anyone whose content didn't connect with me or anyone I didn't connect with from my personal life. It might be worth mentioning that I had previously purged my Facebook from about 800 'friends' to 500 about 6 months ago, which goes to show the numbers can creep back up and you can always go a little bit further.

Here are the actual stats I have on how many people I deleted off my screen:

80 Facebook friends
28 Instagrammers
20 Youtube Subscriptions

I have also recently deleted a heap of apps from my phone and removed I heeeeeap of contacts from my phone. Seriously, I considering I only contact literally 5 people via text or calls, I couldn't believe how many peoples phone numbers I had stored.

Oh and did I mention I deleted twitter all together? ha.

I don't think you really need me to go into the benefits of doing a big social media purge, but if you insist...
Overall, having a trimmed down list of people you follow on insta and youtube means you aren't mindlessly scrolling through a load of meaningless waffle to find the photos and people who actual ignite you or engage with you. Also side note: is it just me, or are there some social media influencers who insta story so much, you feel bored from watching their vlogs because you've already seen everything? Finally, I believe the whole quantity over quality rings truer than ever PLUS you'll feel nice, light and a sense of getting control back in your life, similar to tangible decluttering and minimalism.

Happy unsubscribing x

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  1. I love this! I've always been pretty minimal with social media (never been on Twitter, only started Facebook when I started my blog) but I still have to cut things back a bit every once in awhile. totally agree with you about the instastories too, they're fun to watch but not alldayeveryday lol.