the low maintenance bath routine

November 27, 2017

Here are the three quick steps I do on a weekly (sometimes fortnightly) basis to get me feeling ready for the weekend. Its super low maintenance, I promise.

Once I've exfoliated and cleansed my face, I smear on a coat of the Aesop Parley Seed Mask. I LOVE this mask so much, I've been meaning write a review of it for the longest time but *spoilers* its the best in the business. It really makes such a noticeable difference, it brightens and decongests my skin, as well as reduces inflammation of any active breakouts.

Then I jump in the bath, mask still in situ, and whip out the Frank Body Scrub in Coconut. I do like this product but it does have a few pros and cons. Allow me to lay it all out:
+ does a great job of removing all dry and dead skin
+ coffee helps reduce cellulite
+ smells good
+ the coconut oil is moisturising
+ leaves an oily residue, which can be desirable, unless you have the intention of fake tanning or shaving (the oil blocks up the razor pretty quickly)
+ paaaainful to clean up, especially in the shower so now I only use it in the bath
+ priced at $18.95 its very DIY-able

Once I've removed all of the dead skin and hair from my body, and have had enough of soaking in a tub filled with my own debris (ew) I jump out have a quick 25-second shower. Jump out, dry off and slather on a luxurious layer of the Le Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion. Be my guest and just use ordinary moisturiser, but I just feel like if I'm going to go to the effort of moisturising my whole body, I might as well give my self a healthy glow while I am at it. I really love this gradual tanner/moisturiser, because you really can see a difference after a single use which lasts a few days and then will fade nicely if you don't reapply. Plus it actually does a great job of moisturising, as it contains argan oil and it sinks in quickly, which is a big must for me!

There you have it folks, my low maintenance bath routine, perfect for a Thursday night, which you could probably do in less time than it took you to read this blog post! Thanks for reading.

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