a week in spending

October 16, 2017

I’ve seen a few of these posts floating around and I tell you what I am obsessed with them… I find them so interesting. I used to be a hardcore saver, but I feel like I’ve let myself slip in the last few months so I wanted to refocus my (publicly) to where my money is going.

Let me give you a quick rundown of my demographic: I am a twenty something uni student, I work casually in retail and have an infrequent side gig of nannying for one family. Here is what a week of the in-goings and outgoings of my purse looks like!

+ $70 Nannying
- $5 Gym Membership (usually $23.60) I’ve suspended my gym membership for the month I was on placement because I just wasn’t using it enough to justify the almost $24 a week on not using it. 

- $1 on lollypops that provided 45mins on entertainment for the kids I was nannying and led them to proclaim I was the best nanny ever – best dollar I ever spent. 
+ $153.50 retail income that varies weekly - this was a week I had was on placement (aka 40hours of unpaid labour) I only managed to squeeze in one four hour shift on a Sunday so 153bucks it pretty good if you ask me!

Nothing at all how boring!

 - $5.50 uni parking paid an app that gets billed monthly 
- $2.50 pack of mints I was planning ahead for a particularly onion-eey lunch later on that day
- $ 19.20 groceries
+ $85.00 nannying

Again, nothing!

- $48 bottle of scotch for fathers day
- $5.40 on what I believe was biscuits from the supermarket
- $21.00 thai dinner with galpals, importantly we found a restaurant that was BYO wine 
- $26.34 uber to and from said dinner

- $37.76 petrol

Income: 308.50
Outgoings: 171.7

I would say this is a fairly typical week for me at the moment, I was lucky that the hospital where I was doing my placement always had free parking which is such a bonus. My income was a bit lower than usual because of placement, but
I still managed to put $100 aside for savings which is better than nothing. Thats about all I have to say, I hope you enjoyed being a little bit nosey because I know I love reading these!

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