the big makeup declutter

September 25, 2017

Once upon a time there was a teenage girl who had an addiction for 2011 youtube beauty gurus and makeup collection videos. Add the fact that she just started getting a regular income for the first time and what do you get? Makeup hoarding. Fast forward six years, out the other end of my teen years and there I was, feeling overwhelmed with the amount of makeup I owned. I had recovered from my addiction and now just felt guilty looking at the abundance of makeup products I owned that were now collecting dust.

I basically fell out of love of makeup. This led me to do a huge declutter, where a got rid of a mammoth amount of all the bits that never saw the light of day (my sister was pretty pleased). The toughest parts were getting to the high end makeup. Even though I had exhausted every naked palette eye combo there was and even though I would never wear that black mac lipstick, part of me was cringing at the thought of how much money I was essentially throwing away. But I stuck to my guns, got a bit ruthless and can honestly say I am happy with my now humble, makeup collection. I no longer feel like a mindless consumer, buying what people on the internet tell me I need. Today, I wanted to share with you a few things I've learnt and experienced over the last year since decluttering my makeup stash.

1. I saved so much money! From when I first started working when I was 14, makeup was where I was spending the bulk of my income. (Why a 15 year old needs a red Chanel lipstick, I’ll never know). Over the last two years, since making the change, I suddenly had so much more money to save and could spend on things that I appreciated more, aka travelling and takeaway thai food. 

2. I don't actually like lipstick that much. I won't name any names but for quite a while I was under the heavy influence of some beauty youtubers, who made me think I needed 25 lipsticks even though I only wear the same one a few times a month if they’re lucky. I really urge you the think twice before you click add to cart... do you really want the product or are you buying it because someone is tell you that you do?

3.  Expiry dates are a real thing.  Seriously, how old is that eyeliner and why are you even thinking of putting it near your eye?

4. I now own higher quality makeup. I don’t mean the most expensive, but more that everything that I own, I love and does the job, exactly how I like it. I no longer have the urge to buy that crappy orange toned bronzer just because its 50% off, as I know that I have my favourite bronzer Nars' Laguna waiting for me at home. 

5. I no longer keep 'just in case' products. Truth be told, I am not a full time beauty blogger, I am a busy uni student working two jobs on the side, who is NEVER going to wear that blue kohl eyeliner.

6. I now wear less makeup & my skin thanks me. On weekdays I hardly ever wear makeup which has made my skin so much less irritated and congested. On the weekends when I do feel like jazzing myself up a bit, I actually really enjoy the process of putting on makeup and getting creative.

Moral of the story: take a second look at your beauty stash, clear out the old and you'll appreciate when you do have on a whole new level

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