eccentric molecules: a review

July 20, 2017

I know its 2017 everyone is busy so I'll just cut to the chase; I really did not like the perfume. In the perfume's defence, I did purchase in online from Mecca without actually ever smelling it. I had ran out of perfume, I liked the minimalistic aesthetic of the bottle (shallow, I know) and had heard countless great things from a beauty vlogger I've followed years, so I blindly gave it a whirl. 

This 'cult favourite' perfume is very well known for adapting to the wearer's body chemistry to produce a personalised scent and is a unisex. My understanding of the product was that it only contains one molecule- but I must of made that up in my head because there are definitely more than one ingredient listed. 

There must be something wrong with my body chemistry because this was far from an appealing scent on me. The only way I can describe it is an attempt at smelling woody but failing miserably and   I just kept thinking it smelt peppery? Am I making any sense here? I thought it must of been just me, so I offered to give it to my boyfriend... he declined and my brother strongly declined. I opted for selling it online for about half of what I bought it for. Its a bit of a hard product review, given that it will smell different on everyone, so all I can really say is this is definitely a product you need to try before you buy... don't make my mistake! 

I am still on the market for a new perfume so if you have any recommendations please share! 

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