Lime Crime Bestsellers Review!

May 15, 2017

I've had these products for well and truly over a year now, so it's absolutely crazy how long it has taken me to finally getting around to reviewing them for you. Although, that probably isn't a bad thing because now I really do know these three products inside out and can give a very honest review- and not my most positive at that! Before I jump into each product, I want to mention that when I did purchase these products I wasn't aware of the 'Lime Crime Scandal' at the time (if you don't know what I'm talking about, google it). I bought these products because I wanted to experiment with vegan makeup brands, alas I wont be making anymore purchases from Lime Crime- drama isn't my thing!

Ill start if with the one product that I do actually really love and use regularly, and that is the Unicorn Lipstick in Coquette. The formulation and quality is quite comparable to MAC lipsticks, without being too matte that its drying or too creamy that it smudges everywhere... it is pretty perf on that front! The colour is great too,  I tend to wear it when I've gone a bit heavy handed with eyeshadow and eyeliner on a night out. Think MAC Myth, but a bit darker and a bit more peachy pink (not so dead looking)... If I had to choose between the too, Lime Crime Coquette would win every time.

Next on the lip product agenda is the Velventine in Wicked- a dark red. Velvetines- a matte drying liquid lipstick,  are pretty much what Lime Crime are known for, and was the reason why I initially wanted to place an order from their site. I must say I'm a bit disappointed... The application is quite tricky to not make your self look like The Joker. In terms of longevity all of the reviews I read claimed that this colour wouldn't budge... but I had a different experience. It seemed to flake and look uneven as the night progressed and the edges got a bit smeary and when a colour is this red and this dark, it's not something you can afford to happen. Call me crazy, but I think I would rather a red I could go to the bathroom and wipe off and reapply then have this this staining and smearing my lips. 

Finally we've come to the Liquid Liner in 'Quill' the basic black, which I will admit I am a bit iffy about. At first I loved it, as the brush is so tiny with firm bristles that give the perfect flick, so its great if your just learning or not very good at winging your liner. It also is easy so wash off at the end of the day/night pretty much melts away in the shower just with water. However, the more I used the product the individual bristles of the brush kind of got crushed when putting it back into the tube to it meant that lining your eye got a bit messier. Plus it didn't have great longevity... seeing as it comes off with water also means it comes off with sweat- so you can't really win. I will just add that although this isn't the best black liner I've ever tried, Lime Crime do have a pretty unique colour range which is worth checking out.

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