Masked: Origins Clear Improvements Review

April 26, 2017

After using up my treasured Aesop Parsley Seed Mask I decided I wont be a boring human and keep trying new things. This is where I found myself adding Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal mask into my basket at Mecca. I had been eyeing off this mask for quite a while, as I spent many teen years with oily and acne(ish) ridden skin, I've always benefited from a good charcoal/clay mask. Bear with me with this review because its a little bit mixed but ill try and make it a snappy one

This is quite a thick mask, I slapped it all over after cleansing and then wait for it to dry. I then would go in with a warm muslin cloth and buff it away to add a bit more of an exfoliating effect too. I really liked the way this mask left my skin feeling, quite clean and it visibly looked brighter. I felt as though it helped with the healing process of any stubborn impurities on my face, tightened my pores and was kind of like hitting the reboot button for my skin if that makes sense.

However, it isn't exactly a stand out product for me, I've tried quite a few face masks over the time and I would probably repurchase them over this one. I just felt like it didn't to anything extra and the actual feeling of the mask was a bit, it didnt feel like it was doing much. For example masks such as the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask or even Palmers Purifying Mask with Green Clay, (which is significantly cheaper than both- and is AMAZING) both feel a bit more astringent and like they are really doing something. I know people with sensitive skin might shudder at the positive use of the word astringent, but oily gals will get me!

If you have normal skin I would recommend trying it out for yourself, even if your skin is a little bit sensitive but acne prone this might be worth trying! The full sized 100ml costs $37 from Mecca, but the also now have a sample size (50ml) for $25... look who did there research ;) I also want to emphasize how much I love the Palmers Purifying mask I mentioned, its really cheap and really good, so definitely recommend it! If you have tried either of these masks please leave your thoughts/review of it in the comments for everyone else to see!

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