Five Ways to have a Better Day Tomorrow

August 11, 2015

1. Clean your room, even if it means you'll get one less hour of sleep. You'll feel far more refreshed, energised and ready for the day than that one hour of sleep could have given you!

2. Wash you hair, brush your teeth and cleanse your face before you go to bed. You'll feel better in the morning and wont have to worry about greasy hair at the start of your day. (P.S. Don't forget to slather on some moisturiser too!)

3. Prepare! Lay out your clothes and have your lunch ready to grab and go in the morning

4. Drink a big glass of water or a nice cup of (decaffeinated) tea. Personally I'm a peppermint tea kind of gal!

5. Reflect before you go to sleep. Take a moment to evaluate why today was such a good day and how you can take control of tomorrow to make it a better one! If writing a To-Do List, meditation or yoga is your thing then do that!

Be gentle with yourself, tomorrow is a new day!

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