ELF Studio Acne Fighting Foundation

August 25, 2015

I feel very equipped to write this review of the ELF Acne Fighting Foundation, as I haven't stopped using this foundation since I bought it- I'm starting to feel sorry for my other ones collecting dust in my drawer!

I can't confirm if this product does actually reduce acne, but I can honestly say my skin is in the best condition its been in a very long time! I think it is partially to do with the fact that this foundation isn't blocking my pores and creating blemishes. So although it may not get ride of acne, its a good foundation to prevent it from worsening by using different foundation... am I making any sense here? The other thing that clicked in my mind when hearing of this product was that if it was acne fighting, it would probably be great for oily skin! I was right, the longevity of this foundation is amazing, like can-get-me-through-my-hot-and-sweaty-8hr-shifts kind of amazing! It doesn't go patchy or disappear on you half way through the day, and has a naturally matte finish (although I still set it with powder out of habit). 

In terms of coverage I was also so impressed, ELF has really out done themselves. Its full coverage without looking cakey, so it really does meet the needs of their target audience of who I can only assume is teens suffering with acne, who need that little bit of extra coverage. You can apply this anyway you like really, I prefer a sponge- I'm currently loving cheap and cheerful ChiChi one! I find that it applies a nice thin layer evenly, which is all you need because of the fab coverage! But I've also used my fingers if I'm rushing off to no where special and a blending brush works well too, so its up to you!

Can we also talk about the price! $7.99 for a long lasting, full coverage foundation that your skin actually likes... I'm sold!

The only MINOR negatives I have about this product is that I can't find it on my shelves at Target (yet) so I have to buy it online from Beauty Joint. The colour range also isn't amaaaazing, but because it was so cheap I just bought two to mix the perfect shade- I use Porcelain and Buff.

Apologies for the long post, but in conclusion... I wish I had this foundation back when I was at school, working for the minimum wage, sporting more blemishes than I care to remember, it really would have been perfect! Needless to say, I definitely recommned this CRUELTY FREE foundation and will definitely be repurchasing in the future... please come to Kmart ASAP?!

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