February 01, 2015

Hi! Hello! As of last week I can now say I have visited all 3 Melbourne Topshop stores @ The Emporium, Chapel St & Highpoint (go me!). Here are the items I picked up that I am deeming basics unfortunately I didn't think my orange dress made the cut!

The Pants
The main catalyst for this post is my head over heels love for these 'JAMIE' Jeans! Literally the most flattering pair of jeans I have ever put on ma bod! They literally tick all the boxes:
 High waisted 
 Cropped Ankles (Aka a flattering length without you having to roll up your jeans and rock the ever uneven chunky denim ankles!)
✓ Tight but room to move!
✓ Flat out flattering! 
The only down side is they apparently fade with excessive washing, or maybe thats a plus because it gives me an excuse to do less washing??? Regardless, you need these in your wardrobe! The absolute staple of all staples! 'MOTO Black Rinse Jamie Jeans'

The Shoes
These bad boys were purchased under the heavy influence of Ms Essiebutton! I wasn't quite brave enough to rock her furry number, but I went for the sleek crocodile (??) leather look option! These were definitely missing from my wardrobe for uni last year, so this year I'm welcoming them with open arms. Black goes with everything, slip on flats, sock are optional AKA winner all round! 'TIPI Croc Skaters'

The Socks
I'm calling these a staple because they are black socks, but they are glittery black socks! I've been meaning to buy a pair of these for what feels like years! Perfect for nights out to rock with chunky black boots. 'Black Ribbed Glitter Socks'

P.S. Sorry for the overwhelming amounts of colourful clothing I clearly buy, next time i'll totally try and tune it down! Have a fab weekend X

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  1. Loving these basics as well! You have a lovely blog.

    Hannie at // Chapters Like This //

    1. thank youuu! I just checked out your blog and am actually in love! Immediate follow, can wait to read more from you xxxx