My Everyday Face Brushes

December 22, 2014

 Hey there! Here is just a little run down of the brushes I use on an everyday basis. As you will see, I'm not very faithful to a single brand of brushes but experimenting is good, and I think I have found the perfect (or close to it) combination of brushes.

Brushes in the same order (left to right) as shown in the picture above:

MAC: 129 Powder/Blush Brush- I use this brush to apply setting powder all of my face. If I'm going to be honest I must say that I don’t particularly think this brush is worth the hefty price tag; I think there are definitely more wallet friendly brushes on the market that could do the same job. In saying that, I do use this brush every day, I think it’s the perfect size and its described as 'natural soft with grab' so its not to dense nor is it too fluffy.

Napoloen Perdis: Powder/Blush Brush- This brush is extremely similar to the MAC 129, it is just ever so slightly smaller and is slightly more dense, so it is perfect for applying blush. I do really like Napoleon brushes and I hope to expand my collection in the future.

Real Techniques: Buffing Brush- I’m sure you have all heard a million and one things about this brush but it truly does receive every bit of praise it gets. It is extremely dense so it is perfect for buffing in liquid foundation/BB crème or even just packing on face powder. The fibres are all synthetic so they don’t absorb half of the foundation and it makes cleaning it a breeze. They are also reasonably priced, but unfortunately most of the Real Technique brushes come in sets, this one came with the Core Collection brush set. If you’re from Australia the only place (I know of) where you can pick these up are Priceline.

Real Techniques: Contour Brush- This is probably my favourite brush of the lot, it is absolutely perfect. I have used it for both contouring and applying blush, in fact I am extremely tempted to go by another Core Collection brush set, just so I can have two of these brushes. The tapered bristles make applying your contour colour a breeze, it is the perfect density and the synthetic fibres once again make cleaning it super easy. I won’t say too much more because I am planning to do an upcoming review on a few of the brush sets from Real Techniques.

Cosmetica Manicare: Rounded Blending Brush- I do believe traditionally this brush was intended for blending your eye shadows (which it does do brilliantly), but I personally use it to buff in my Bobbi Brown Corrector underneath my eyes and apply the setting powder on top of it also. This is a great multipurpose brush and I am thinking about going back and picking up another one so I do in fact have one for under my eyes and one for my eye shadows. Once again the bristles are synthetic but they don’t feel cheap, which was something I was sceptical about upon purchasing this brush. I believe it was $15 so it’s not the best or the worst pricing, but it does do its job well. Just to clarify, the order in which I use these brushes are as follows: Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Cosmetica Manicare Rounded Blending Brush, MAC 129, Real Techniques Contour Brush and then finally the Napoleon Powder/Blush Brush.

I would love to try some new brushes, especially eye brushes actually, so if you do have any recommendations pleeeease leave them in the comments. I hope you are all having a lovely day! 

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