Quick Life Update

November 18, 2014

Helloooooooo! It’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve sat down and written a blog post, they always seem to be few and far between, which I hope changes in the near future. I just wanted to go ahead and give a little ‘life update’ I guess... but let’s keep things snappy with a five bullet point list!

1. I just finished my first year of university! Crazy to think that I graduated from high school a year ago and that I am a quarter of the way through my degree (eeek)!

2. About a month ago I FINALLY got my driver’s licence WOOOO, and as of last week I now have four months of holidays ahead of me, I think it’s going to be a gooood summer!

3. This week I’m going on a little road trip with four friends down the beach for a couple nights, which doesn’t sound like much but it has been pretty much a year since I last went on any form of holiday.  I’m very excited if you can’t tell!

4. I’ll be working a heaps again over this summer- I have two part time jobs in retail, one which I love, one which I do not. I intend to actually be smarter this time with my money as I really want to up my travel fund for next year! I don’t know where I want to travel to or when I will do it, but I really like planning and playing with ideas.

5. I have lots and lots of blog post ideas which now that I have so much free time, I might actually get around to writing! They are significantly less beauty related than I have posted in the past, but I think that could be a good thing, in terms of me getting more out of blogging and you reading this getting to know me a bit better!

I hope everything is well down your end! X

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