maybelline the magnum: a review

September 12, 2014


This mascara may have familiar looking packaging to some of you, in fact beside the actual title, the tube is practically identical to another Maybelline mascara ‘The Colossal’, but do not be fooled, i assure they are not the same product! Although I do not currently have possession of ‘The Colossal’, to do a side by side comparison, I have used it in the past and can tell you that even the wand itself is completely different. I’m getting side-tracked sorry! Basically, just be aware that they are different, so this post is not relevant to any who wish to purchase The Colossal. The Magnum is distributed in mainly in the countries of Asia (I bought mine when I was holidaying in Bali), so I apologise to all who may find this a bit tricky to get their hands on!
The Wand: It is a relatively average sized wand; not too big, not too small. As you can see it is curved which is great for those with poker straight lashes who need help with curling their lashes. The bristles are synthetic and mainly on the both sides of the wand, not on the top or underneath.

The Product: Although this product is a part of the Volum’ Express line, I would have to say I consider this a lengthening mascara. It does give some volume as it makes my lashes seem fuller at the base . It seperate the lashes nicely and does not clump, but above all I would recommend this for a person wishing to lengthen and curl their lashes.

Wear: This product does last a ‘9 til 5’, but the curl will slowly drop as the day goes on. I own the waterproof mascara so I do not have any issue with smudging, it can handle the general wear and tear of a winter’s day, but I would not recommend this for anyone who plans going swimming. To remove this mascara I recommend using an oil based eye makeup remover.

The Verdict: I reaaaally like this mascara! It is definitely my favourite that I have tried so far in terms of daily use. It is reasonably priced and does not dry up quickly. I really wish they were accessible in Australia and I do highly recommend this product to anyone who can get their hands on it.    

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