Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder Review

September 19, 2014

Whilst holidaying in Bali quite some time ago, I picked up this product on a whim in a department store for about AU$4.00 or something crazy like that. 

Pros: This powder does live up to its name in terms of having a smooth consistency; the texture is gorgeous especially considering its incredibly small price tag. It could be worn by itself as a light coverage powder or on top of foundation to set it and provide greater coverage. The packaging is also very cute as it is a sea foam/light turquoise and is very compact so it would be great for travelling.

Cons: Although it claims to leave a ‘shine free face’, its oil control capabilities are not top notch. I find that after a mere few hours my skin feels and appears oily.  Personally, the colour match isn’t perfect, but I can’t exactly blame the product for my poor colour choice. Something that also might be worth mentioning is that you don’t get a lot of actual product in the compact but as I said, I only paid $4.00 so I’m not complaining.

In order to summarise this synopsis of the Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder, I would only recommended it to those who do not have oily skin or those who wish to wear it solo as a light coverage powder foundation, as it has a lovely texture and would suit  many who have skin with a yellow undertone.  I personally will not be repurchasing this powder although I probably will use the remaining product in the cooler months or to events where I don’t want to take expensive products such as stage productions; when I need a darker powder to set foundation and give a fuller coverage.  

Side Note: I usually would post a photo of my own personal product but to be honest mine is looking a little bit worse for wear, please forgive me?

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  1. Hello, Ash, was there a specific type of shop you got it from, I tried to see if you mentioned it, if you did it must be in a different country, maybe Australia?

    1. Hi Shantell! I actually bought it at a department store/supermarket in Bali, Indonesia when I was travelling! I can remember the name of it though I'm sorry, so it may be a bit tricky to get hold of! XXX