DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition at ACMI

June 10, 2014

Although this is a (very) different post then usual, I want to slowly introduce a few more personal posts about little days out of mine and other bits an pieces! So...

On the very wet Tuesday earlier this week, instead of studying for my up coming uni exams, I decided it would be in my better interest to take a visit to good ol' ACMI. For those who don't have a clue what ACMI is, I'm referring to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, located in Melbourne, (Federation Square if we are getting really specific). Basically it is a exhibition/museum sort of ordeal, that has some permanent exhibits, which is free entry that encompasses all thing multimedia- television, movies, video games. There is also limited time exhibits that are usually on show for a few months and is $16 for concession entry (FYI). This time around it was the DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition, previously there has been a Disney one and also Spectactle: the Music Video Exhibition. Anywho, I thought I would just a little run down of the exhibit and show a few photo's from inside!

Much like the Disney exhibit, they had a huge range of concept art and original story boards, which is always really interesting to see as you can experience the artist's journey from the very beginning to the final product of the characters you watch in the final movie. Unlike the Disney exhibit though, there was an increased amount of interactive displays, which allowed gave the viewer of a hands on approach to the actual animation process in a very engaging and entertaining way. In the 'Drawing Room' we were able to sketch our own animation and then email to ourselves- our's featured a very meek stick figure on a swing (everyone has to start somewhere) and there was also a 'Dragon Flight' simulation which was also worth a look.  

DreamWorks has produced some excellent animations of the last couple of decades, including my two favourites; the original Shrek and Megamind. Please stop what you're doing and go watch Megamind immediately if you haven't already- it was absolutely hilarious and I think everyone must see it. Particularly in this exhibit there was a lot of displays of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda, so if you are fans of either movie, I think this would definitely be your cup of tea!

Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend it to all. Even if you miss this particular exhibit, anytime you are in Melbourne I urge you to go check our ACMI, its one of my favourite exhibition centres, that I always look forward to visiting. Their use of multimedia in the displays and interactivity is really up with the times. Plus it always a good place to go on date instead of the well rehearsed movie scenario! Other highlights of the day include a wet picnic along the Yarra River on South Bank, a delicious (but expensive!)  Lindt hot chocolate and gaming at Nintendo World- apparently I'm not like what I used to be at Mario Kart!

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